In February 2019 the first four candidates enrolled in the Diploma of Dermatology offered by the Fiji National University at the Pacific Dermatology Training Centre. Two students were from Fiji, one from Samoa and one from Kiribati. Financial support for these students was provided by the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Pacific Dermatology. the World Health Organisation and the Pacific Leprosy Foundation.

The Dermatology Diploma emphasises the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease with a focus on conditions seen in the Pacific region. Candidates must have a medical degree recognised by the Fiji Medical Council and have completed at least one year post internship, a full or part-time clinical position in PJ Twomey Hosipital or other approved dermatology training facility or approved outreach programme.

Following completion of the practical and theoretical components of the course, students must also complete a clinical audit or other case-based presentation with appropriate literature review for oral presentation or publication at a local or international scientific meeting.

Curriculum development and delivery of training is also supported by individual Australian and New Zealand dermatologists.