Pacific Dermatology’s mission is to improve skin health in the Pacific by increasing the number of doctors with specialist level expertise in the prevention and management of skin disease. Currently there are only three dermatologists living and practising in the South Pacific.

We have provided funds to establish a suitably equipped training centre in Fiji at PJ Twomey Hospital, where qualified doctors can complete a Diploma of Dermatology or Master of Medicine in Dermatology accredited by Fiji National University. We have provided a range of support, such as enabling teachers to travel to Fiji or during the global pandemic, to provide lectures via videoconference. Teachers provide clinical and theory-based teaching. We are seeking donations, grants and other assistance to allow the program to continue, to provide scholarships to Pacific students wishing to undertake the one year Diploma in Dermatology or the four year Master of Medicine in Dermatology in Fiji and to buy specialised equipment.

Our vision is that everyone in the South Pacific should be able to access specialised medical advice on skin health and disease in their country of residence.

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